Plasma Fibroblast is a non-invasive, non-surgical, skin tightening treatment designed to shrink the skin using a disposable, sterile probe that stimulate fibroblasts, which are collagen producing cells in the skin. The Plasma Pen is a handheld device that harnesses energy found in the air to create its very own source of plasma energy. The pen doesn’t need to touch your skin to have an effect. It is instead held a millimetre from the skin’s surface – close enough to create a small stream of energy as the plasma reacts to your body’s electrical charge. Every time this stream of energy, known as the ‘plasma arc’, makes contact with your skin, a tiny crust is formed, while the area around the crust is instantly tightened. After the Plasma Pen has created a series of small crusts in the area of skin you’re targeting, the crusts will fall off within 5-12 days to reveal your new, tightened skin. The heat from the plasma arc also boosts your skin’s production of collagen in the affected area, meaning that your skin will continue to tighten months after you have had the treatment.

What can IT treat?
•    Excess eye bags & eyelids
•    Crow’s feet
•    Frown lines
•    Smokers’ lines
•    Crepe neck
•    Skin-tags
•    Minimise acne scars

•    No injections
•    Fast procedure time
•    Long lasting results
•    Affordable treatment

•    Numbing agent is applied to the area
•    Wait for 45 minutes for skin to numb
•    Begin treatment
•    Duration is dependent on the area being treated (10-40 minutes)

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Treatment Area:
Eyelid tightening  
Under Eye 
Crow’s Feet 
Smokers’ Lines 
Naso-labial Lines 
Marionette Lines 
Neck Lift 
Removal of skin-tags, moles or pigmentatioN
Stretch Marks (cannot treat keloid scarring)

*Doctors note must be provided for mole removal.


3 FOR £120*

FROM £125 

•    5-12 days healing time
•    Avoid picking, plucking or rubbing the treated area
•    We recommend dry healing so it is important not to get the area wet
•    Once the dots have healed, use a high-factor sun-cream on the treated area
•    Please allow at least 6 weeks until your next session

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